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Gum Disease Los Angeles

Gum Disease Los AngelesGum disease, also known as gingivitis, or periodontic disease, is often hard for the suffering patient to identify. This disease can develop without causing pain or waving a red flag of infection. Spotting gum disease may require the help of our expert in gum disease in Los Angeles. Read on to learn what the recognizable symptoms are and why they may develop.

Symptoms can range anywhere from moderate to severe, depending on the advancement stage of infection in the mouth. As gum disease affects the gums, you may experience sore or bleeding gums upon brushing or flossing. When the infection worsens, symptoms may escalate into persistent bad breath, despite regularly brushing your teeth. In extreme cases, your gums may recede, and you may see certain teeth shifting or loosening over time. Should you notice any of these symptoms, call our Los Angeles gum disease expert, who can determine whether or not you have gum disease.

Los Angeles Gum Disease

If you notice any of the above symptoms occurring, you might begin to wonder what causes gum disease. The one word answer is plaque. Several other factors can contribute to the development of gum disease in the mouth. These may include hormonal changes, such as those happening during puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause. Gum sensitivity can occur during these phases, which can raise the risk of infection. Having certain illnesses like cancer or HIV make your body more susceptible to infection and can also lead to gum disease. If you are taking certain medications, you may be more susceptible to the disease. Pay close attention to the side effects attached to the medicines you take. Should our expert in gum disease in Los Angeles treat you for gum disease, you may be asked about any medications you currently take.

In addition to the causes listed above, sometimes patients develop gum disease as a result of poor habits. If you smoke, you are seven times as likely as a nonsmoker to develop this disorder. Neglecting to daily brush and floss your teeth can also lead to gingivitis. Your chances of developing gum disease also increase if you have family members who have developed dental diseases in the past. If you are unsure about any of these symptoms and their manifestations, our Los Angeles gum disease expert can let you know whether or not you have the condition.

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