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Gum Disease Risk Assessment

Gum Disease Risk AssessmentMillions of individuals have developed some form of gum disease, yet are unaware of their condition. The American Academy of Periodontology has developed a risk assessment test which can help assess your risk for developing periodontal disease.

  • How Old Are You?

    The chance of developing periodontal disease increases as an individual becomes older. Studies have shown that the older population has the highest rates of periodontal disease. Maintaining good oral health is essential to preventing gum disease.

  • What Is Your Gender?

    While researchers have discovered that women are more careful about their oral health in comparison to men, women’s oral health is not remarkably exceptional than their male counterparts. Hormonal fluctuations throughout women’s lives can affect gum tissue and the risk of developing periodontal health.

  • Do Your Gums Bleed?

    Gums that bleed are one of the telltale signs of gum disease. If your gums bleed during brushing or flossing, visit your dentist immediately for an evaluation.

  • Have Your Teeth Become Loose?

    Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease which leads to the deterioration of gum tissue and supporting bone structure. When left untreated, teeth can gradually become loose and fall out completely.

  • Have Your Gums Receded?

    Receding gums are often associated with periodontal disease. Teeth may appear to be progressively shifting away from gums, and they may seem longer.

  • Do You Use Tobacco Products?

    Tobacco use is one of the significant risk factors in the development of periodontal disease. Studies have illustrated that smokers are much more likely to develop calculus and deeper pockets, and lose more bone mass and tissue that support teeth in comparison to non-smokers.

  • How Often Do You Floss?

    Flossing should be added to your oral hygiene routine, since this has been proven to reduce the amount of bacteria found in the mouth. Patients who do not floss have a greater risk of developing oral health complications including periodontal disease and tooth decay.

  • Do You Have any Chronic Health Conditions?

    Periodontal disease has been proven to be linked to diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and osteopenia. Bacteria that cause periodontal disease can travel through the bloodstream, posing a risk to other areas of the body. A healthier mouth tends to lead to better overall health.

  • Do You Have Family Members with Gum Disease?

    Bacteria causing periodontal disease can be passed through saliva. Individuals with periodontal disease can pass along the bacteria to other members of their family through common saliva contact. In addition, research has proven that 30% of the population can be genetically disposed to developing periodontal disease.

In order to completely determine the risk factors of developing gum disease, contact our Los Angeles periodontist to schedule a comprehensive periodontal evaluation today.




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