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Gum Disease Treatment Los Angeles

Gum Disease Treatment Los AngelesGum disease places patients at risk of tooth loss, oral infections and jaw bone loss. With timely gum disease treatment by our expert in gum disease treatment in Los Angeles, patients can often prevent progression of early gingivitis to advanced periodontal disease and the complications it brings. Here is more about the symptoms of gum disease and the treatment options offered by our periodontist.

Gum disease symptoms can range from mild to serious depending on the stage of the disease. Initially, patients of our periodontist in Los Angeles may experience red, sore gums that bleed during brushing and flossing. As gum disease progresses, symptoms such as bad breath, gum recession and tooth loosening may occur. The structural deterioration associated with advanced periodontitis can cause teeth to shift or fall out and can lead to severe infections and destruction of the jaw bone.

Los Angeles Gum Disease Treatment

Our Los Angeles gum disease treatment expert can often reverse early gingivitis with simple, non-surgical procedures. Routine cleaning, performed during biannual check-ups by our dentist, is an essential part of proper gum care. As gum disease advances to the moderate stage, patients may benefit from scaling and root planing, in which our dentist removes plaque from above and below the gum line.

Our expert in gum disease treatment in Los Angeles may recommend surgical treatment when gum disease has become advanced. Depending on symptoms and severity, a variety of procedures may be used, including guided tissue regeneration, pocket reduction, bone surgery, bone grafts and soft tissue grafts. Pocket surgery, a common treatment, involves smoothing rough parts of teeth to reduce the ability of bacteria to collect there. Soft tissue treatments involve grafting tissue to the gums, while bone surgery and bone grafting involve reshaping and adding to the jaw bone, respectively. Guided tissue regeneration entails stimulating growth of the gums and bones to boost tooth stability.

Patients who visit our Los Angeles gum disease treatment expert receive an examination to determine whether non-surgical or surgical treatment is necessary. To learn more about gum disease treatment options and determine their importance for treating specific symptoms, patients can schedule a consultation by calling our office today.

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