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Gum Inflammation Treatment Los Angeles

Gum Inflammation Treatment Los AngelesGum inflammation is a common problem that can indicate acute injury or chronic oral health problems, such as gum disease. Symptoms of gum inflammation may include swelling, pain and bleeding during brushing or flossing. When patients suffer from this condition, they should visit our Los Angeles gum inflammation treatment expert to have the cause identified and receive treatment if necessary. Here is more about gum inflammation and its treatment.

Gums may become inflamed for a variety of reasons. Injury, either due to physical trauma or rough dental hygiene, can cause acute inflammation in the gums. When the gums are diseased, inflammation may be one of the first symptoms to appear. Nutrient deficiencies, including lack of iron or vitamin C, can also result in gum inflammation. Depending on the cause, inflammation may appear throughout the gums or only in areas between teeth.

Los Angeles Gum Inflammation Treatment

Treatments recommended by our expert in gum inflammation treatment in Los Angeles can vary considerably based on the cause. If patients are lacking certain nutrients, our dentist may recommend dietary changes or use of supplements to correct the deficiency. Advice on brushing and flossing techniques may also be given if incorrect methods have caused injury. When gum disease is to blame for inflammation, our dentist may offer any of several potential treatments based on the stage of gum disease involved.

Because gum inflammation can indicate serious health problems, timely examination by our Los Angeles gum inflammation treatment expert is important to support successful treatment. Without treatment, patients may lose jaw density or teeth due to gum disease, systemic health problems or nutrient deficiencies. In some cases, gum inflammation may also be an early sign of diabetes or heart disease, which both benefit from early medical intervention.

Gum inflammation can cause serious pain and may be a sign of health problems in the mouth or throughout the body. With diagnosis and treatment by our expert in gum inflammation treatment in Los Angeles, patients can find relief from this issue. A consultation with our Los Angeles periodontist can be scheduled to learn more about gum inflammation treatments.




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