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Gum Pain Treatment Los Angeles

Gum Pain Treatment Los AngelesGum pain can occur for a variety of reasons, including gingivitis, local irritation and nutritional deficiencies. Left untreated, the problems that cause gum pain can result in damage to the tissues that support teeth, potentially leading to tooth loss or jaw bone deterioration. For this reason, patients should visit our Los Angeles gum pain treatment expert as soon as they notice gum pain to obtain diagnosis and pinpoint appropriate treatments.

The causes of gum pain can often be identified by the symptoms that accompany it. When patients experience gum swelling, recession and bleeding during brushing and flossing, they may be suffering from gingivitis. When a lack of vitamins is to blame, accompanying symptoms may vary considerably depending on the type and severity of deficiency involved. In either case, teeth may loosen and facial appearance may deteriorate over time. When local irritation causes gum pain, the issue is likely to resolve shortly after removal of the responsible food or habit.

Los Angeles Gum Pain Treatment

Although treatment from our expert in gum pain treatment in Los Angeles may be recommended after an exam, some patients may be able to improve their symptoms at home. Eating a balanced diet and limiting sweets can help improve the immune system to fight gum disease while also aiding recovery from nutritional deficiencies. Certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking and consumption of excessively hot foods, should also be avoided.

Our Los Angeles gum pain treatment expert may recommend any of several treatments depending on the cause of symptoms. When gingivitis is to blame, patients may benefit from scaling and root planing, which involves removal of plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line. Professional cleaning performed at routine exams can also help maintain oral health to prevent gum disease and associated pain.

Gum pain may be caused by gingivitis, nutrient deficiencies or certain lifestyle habits, but a visit to our Los Angeles periodontist is important to rule out serious causes and obtain relief. At a consultation with our expert in gum pain treatment in Los Angeles, patients can find out what may be causing their gum pain and what can be done to stop it.




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