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Gum Surgery Los Angeles

Gum Surgery Los AngelesGingivitis is an early form of gum disease in which plaque builds up on the gums, resulting in a minor infection and most likely leading to slight pain or irritation. If gingivitis goes untreated, it may develop into periodontitis, also known as severe gum disease. This dental disorder usually requires the attention of our expert in gum surgery in Los Angeles. Read on to learn more about what gum surgery entails and how patients should care for their teeth following surgery.

When plaque accumulates over time, infected pockets can form between the teeth and gums. A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure in which our Los Angeles gum surgery expert clears away and reforms your gum tissue to prevent further formation of bacteria. This procedure is also known as pocket reduction surgery.

Los Angeles Gum Surgery

Eventually these same bacteria may work down below the gum tissue and burrow into the bones of your mouth, potentially causing teeth to fall out. A flap procedure involves deep cleaning down to the root of the teeth. During this surgery, our expert in gum surgery in Los Angeles will repair any bone damaged by advanced forms of gum disease. If the damage to the tooth root is too great, your tooth may need to be extracted. If this is the case, an oral surgeon may need to perform this separate procedure at a later date.

In some gum disease cases, our Los Angeles gum surgery expert may recommend more intensive procedures to repair highly infected gums. These procedures often include grafting gum tissue or bone tissue from one part of the mouth to restore a damaged part. Along these same lines, guided tissue regeneration involves affixing a thin line of membrane between the gums and bone to encourage bone growth and gum reattachment.

Gum surgery, although not an especially high-risk procedure, can cause bad bacteria to enter your bloodstream. If you have a condition putting you at risk for bacterial infections, our periodontist in Los Angeles may recommend you take antibiotics before and after your gum surgery. Be sure to ask any questions about your surgery beforehand so as to take proper precautions and avoid later infections.




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