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Inflamed Gums Treatment Los Angeles

Inflamed Gums Treatment Los AngelesMany Americans suffer from inflamed gums, a symptom that is often associated with gum disease. When gums are inflamed, they may be red and are likely to bleed when the teeth are brushed or flossed. Fortunately, a variety of treatments can be pursued from our Los Angeles inflamed gums treatment expert to stop the inflammation and prevent progression of early gum disease to advanced periodontitis.

In some cases, gums may become inflamed due to deficiencies of certain nutrients. The most common ones involved in gum health are vitamins C and D. In fact, inflamed and bleeding gums are among the first symptoms noticed with scurvy, the clinical name for vitamin C deficiency. Our Los Angeles inflamed gums treatment expert may recommend that patients eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to help treat this problem. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with gum disease and can result from lack of sun exposure or low intake of fortified foods. With healthy amounts of time spent outdoors, fortified foods and vitamin D supplements, patients can potentially reverse this condition.

Los Angeles Inflamed Gums Treatment

Patients can help reduce gum inflammation at home by taking good care of their teeth and controlling their populations of oral bacteria. Daily brushing and flossing both reduce accumulation of plaque and tartar, on which oral bacteria feed. Rinsing after meals and using antiseptic mouthwash after brushing and flossing can also help resolve this issue.

Depending on what our expert in inflamed gums treatment in Los Angeles finds during an exam, one of several treatments may be recommended to address the problem. When gum disease is found, our periodontist in Los Angeles may offer nonsurgical treatments, such as scaling and root planing and daily use of antimicrobial rinses. Scaling and root planing eliminates plaque and tartar from the teeth above and below the gum line while antimicrobial rinses help to control the issue on a daily basis.

Inflamed gums not only cause discomfort but can also signify more serious problems. Nutritional deficiencies and gum disease are two of the most common causes, but patients can often reverse the condition by taking the steps listed here. A consultation with our expert in inflamed gums treatment in Los Angeles can be scheduled to discuss these treatments further.




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