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Periodontal Abscess Los Angeles

Periodontal Abscess Los AngelesIf the inside of your mouth feels painful, whether it is your tooth or gums, you may have an abscess, which is a swollen collection of pus. Although this sounds terribly unpleasant, abscesses, if caught early on in their swelling, can be easily treated. Our Los Angeles periodontal abscess expert specializes in abscesses that materialize in the gum tissue. Below you will find all you need to know about spotting and treating periodontal abscesses.

Before you can identify something, you have to know what it looks like and where it tends to occur. A periodontal abscess is usually found around the gum line, the thin space between the root of your teeth and your gums. Food and bacteria can easily get trapped in this spot, causing an abscess to form. From time to time, our expert in periodontal abscess in Los Angeles treats patients with bacteria built up beneath the gum, extending even into the bone. This more serious type of abscess can result in tooth loss if left untreated.

Los Angeles Periodontal Abscess

Abscesses often cause patients a lot of pain, so seeking treatment as soon as possible is advised .Our Los Angeles periodontal abscess expert is able to treat abscesses no matter how large or small. Before visiting our expert, if you see something resembling a pimple forming on your gums (i.e. the abscess), perform a salt water mouth rinse several times every day until your appointment. This will keep the infection from spreading and may help relieve some of the pressure from swelling.

During periodontal treatment for an abscess, our expert in periodontal abscess in Los Angeles will often first drain the abscess, removing the pus from inside it. This removes the infectious material and jumpstarts healing in the infected gum area. Our dentist then cleans the pocket where the abscess used to be. Your tooth roots may need to be smoothed down to facilitate fusion of the gum back onto the teeth. This will help keep infection from recurring.

No matter the seriousness or largeness of your periodontal abscess, our periodontist in Los Angeles will be able to provide swift treatment in order to keep your gums from reinfection.




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