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Periodontal Cleaning Los Angeles

Periodontal Cleaning Los AngelesPatients who have gum disease require specialized periodontal cleaning rather than the routine cleanings normally performed at exams. In many cases, gum disease sufferers who receive periodontal cleaning experience reversal of symptoms and elimination of the need for surgical treatments. Here is more about the purpose of periodontal cleaning, how our Los Angeles periodontal cleaning expert performs the procedure and how patients can help their improvements last longer.

Periodontal cleaning, also called scaling and root cleaning or perio deep cleaning, addresses the heavier accumulation of tartar and bacteria that is often seen in gum disease sufferers. By pulling back the gums to reach the areas of teeth that are not otherwise visible, our expert in periodontal cleaning in Los Angeles can eliminate disease-causing bacteria from where they hide out and damage dental structures. Removal of these bacteria can help stop and even reverse mild or moderate gum disease.

Los Angeles Periodontal Cleaning

Our Los Angeles periodontal cleaning expert begins periodontal cleaning by examining the teeth and gums visually and through X-rays in order to plan the treatment. In some cases, our dentist may also numb the treatment area. Our dentist may use metal or ultrasonic scaling tools to remove tartar and plaque from above and below the gum line. During root planing, our dentist smooths the tooth roots in order to prevent future bacterial colonization.

Patients can help their improvements from periodontal cleaning last longer by taking certain steps at home. For example, daily brushing and flossing help reduce accumulation of the bacteria that cause or contribute to gum disease. Biannual check-ups from our expert in periodontal cleaning in Los Angeles can also reduce risks of periodontal problems in the future.

Patients who have suffered periodontal disease in the past are at higher risk of having these problems again in the future. By informing our dentist of previous gum problems, patients can count on receiving the deep cleaning they need to maintain better protection against periodontal disease and its complications. Patients can schedule a consultation with our Los Angeles periodontist to learn more about how periodontal cleanings may help them.




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