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Periodontal Disease Symptoms

Periodontal Disease SymptomsPeriodontal disease can afflict the gums, the bone, and the connective tissues of your mouth. Its earliest, most mild form is known as gingivitis or gum disease. Gum disease develops when an unhealthy amount of bacteria amasses into plaque, which can harden into tartar, irritating the gums and the inside of the mouth. Periodontitis occurs when gum disease goes untreated. Its infection reaches down beneath the gums to the bone. It is useful to be familiar with periodontal disease symptoms, so you can seek proper treatment if you experience any of them.

Early Periodontal Disease Symptoms

If bacteria has built up in your mouth and led to gum disease, you may notice your gums are colored bright red, especially around the tooth roots. After or even while brushing and flossing your teeth, your gums may bleed easily. This means the gums are inflamed, and gum disease may be present. When bacteria accumulate in the mouth, you may notice persistent bad breath or an unpleasant, lingering taste in your mouth.

Advanced Periodontal Disease Symptoms

As periodontal disease progresses, you may observe your gums receding as the bone beneath the gums is damaged. Infected gums may also swell, bulge, and even partially cover the teeth. Teeth can loosen as a result. This may disrupt the integrity of your bite and how your upper and lower arcs of teeth fit together. In severe cases of periodontal disease where the bone is deeply infected, you may even lose teeth. When bacteria get trapped within the periodontal pockets between your teeth and gums, pus can form followed by an abscess. Abscesses can deteriorate your gums and teeth and can lead to fever in patients.

Recognizing Periodontal Disease

It is best to see our dentist as soon as you exhibit any periodontal disease symptoms, as the disease can worsen if left untreated. When you visit, our periodontist will examine your mouth for signs of gum disease, inspecting the gums, the inside cheek, and the sides of the tongue. Any discoloration, swelling, or bleeding when probed with an instrument signals inflammation and the possible presence of gum disease.

If you find out you have gum disease, whether it be moderate or severe, our Los Angeles periodontist will ensure you receive proper, safe treatment in a timely and professional manner.

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