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Periodontal Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket Reduction SurgeryHealthy gum and bone tissue should fit snugly around teeth. However, patients with periodontal disease may develop pockets of infection due to the deterioration of bone and gum tissue.

Over time, pockets become substantially deeper, allowing bacteria to thrive beneath the gum line. Extensive loss of bone and deterioration of gum tissue will occur. When this condition is left untreated, tooth loss can occur.

Periodontal pocket reduction surgery is typically recommended for patients who have deep pockets of infection. Once bacteria have developed below the gum line, regular brushing and flossing will not be sufficient in treating pockets of infection. Professional cleanings are essential so that pockets of infection can be eliminated.

This procedure begins with a thorough evaluation including diagnostic images to help our periodontist properly diagnose the presence of periodontal pockets. Pocket reduction surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the level of comfort for the patient.

Gum tissue will be gingerly teased back in order for bacteria to be carefully removed. Scaling and root planing will also be performed to completely remove buildup from all surfaces of teeth. Perfectly smoothed tooth roots will allow gums to properly heal and reattach to tooth surfaces. Antimicrobials are also administered to help eliminate any remnants of bacteria and to promote healing. Gum tissue is then sutured to help protect the surgical site.

Periodontal pocket reduction helps eliminate harmful bacteria and halts the progression of periodontal disease. It is essential for patients with progressive periodontal disease to seek the help of a dental professional in order to reduce their periodontal pockets. With a combination of professional periodontal maintenance in addition to good at home oral hygiene, the chances of retaining natural teeth will increase. This will also help decrease the incidence of developing health issues associated with periodontal disease.

Our Los Angeles periodontist offers pocket reduction surgery as well. Contact us to schedule an appointment.




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