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Periodontal Pockets Los Angeles

Periodontal Pockets Los AngelesBacteria reside in your mouth at all times and help you maintain sound oral health. When sugars from foods you eat combine with these same bacteria, plaque forms and collects on the outside of your teeth and gums. Regular flossing, brushing, and dental cleanings remove plaque buildup. Plaque not removed during at-home or in-office cleanings can remain in your mouth and lead to infection and inflammation of your gums. When this occurs, pockets can form between your teeth and gums, filling with plaque and harmful bacteria. Our Los Angeles periodontal pockets expert offers treatment for this particular problem.

When gum inflammation occurs, and these harmful pockets form, the disorder is known as periodontitis, an advanced form of gingivitis. When left untreated, these pockets begin to grow in size, the infection spreading all the way down to the bone, causing teeth to fall out. Our expert in periodontal pockets in Los Angeles recommends scheduling an appointment as soon as you experience gum pain or irritation so as to avoid future tooth loss.

Los Angeles Periodontal Pockets

If the periodontal pockets in your mouth are small and your stage of gum disease an early one, our Los Angeles periodontal pockets expert will often have no need for surgical treatment. A non-surgical deep cleaning for periodontal pockets involves scaling and root planing. Scaling scrapes away plaque built up around and even below the gum line. Root planing includes smoothing out the tooth roots to encourage fusion between your gums and teeth. This closing of the gumline should discourage any future periodontal pockets from forming.

If you smoke, you are more susceptible to contracting gum disease. When our expert in periodontal pockets in Los Angeles treats smokers, the chances for a successful healing process are lower than treatments involving non-smokers. Certain gum disease risk factors are harder to control, such as hormonal changes in girls and women, which can result in more sensitive gums that are more susceptible to gingivitis. People with diabetes, cancer, and AIDS are at a higher risk for gum disease, as well as those taking certain medications that reduce saliva flow and creation in the mouth.

Even if your risk factors for gum disease are not very high, you may still experience plaque buildup leading to swollen, bleeding or irritated gums. If you do, call our periodontist in Los Angeles who can administer proper treatment for your gum disease.




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