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Periodontitis Treatment Los Angeles

Periodontitis Treatment Los AngelesYou may assume all gum diseases are created equal, but when it comes to the impact of gum disease on your dental health, this is not the case. Some infections manifest worse than others, and their corresponding symptoms and health problems can be debilitating for the patient. Our Los Angeles periodontitis treatment expert is able to treat a range of gum infections, including that of periodontitis. This type of gum disease falls on the aforementioned side of serious.

Periodontitis often affects the way your gums look and feel. If they appear bright red or purple in color, or if they are swollen or sensitive to cold or hot liquid or food, you may have periodontitis. Another symptom may include an apparent shifting of teeth, allowing new spaces to develop between them. This disease can also induce recurring bad breath. If you notice any accumulation of pus between your teeth and gum line, alert our expert in periodontitis treatment in Los Angeles, who can help alleviate these unfavorable symptoms. In some cases, periodontitis can lead to a heightened risk of stroke and heart attack, which are both serious health conditions.

Los Angeles Periodontitis Treatment

Should you notice any of these symptoms, the sooner you see our Los Angeles periodontitis treatment expert the better, as prompt care can prevent your chances of developing more detrimental future disorders. If plaque, believed to be the leading cause of periodontitis, is left on your teeth for too long, it can do serious damage to your gums and teeth. When plaque is allowed to linger, it can inflame the gums, causing bacteria-filled pockets to form in the gum line. Again, if ignored, these pockets will creep deeper beneath your gums over time and infect the bone, often resulting in tooth loss.

Depending upon the severity of your case, treatment for periodontitis will be either surgical or nonsurgical. Nonsurgical treatments usually involve scaling or scraping bacteria from the surface of your teeth and from under your gums. Root planing, another nonsurgical treatment method, evens out the root surfaces to prevent further bacterial accumulation. Our expert in periodontitis treatment in Los Angeles may prescribe oral antibiotics as well. More serious cases of the disease require surgical procedures like flap surgery, which allows our expert deeper access to the underside of the gums. In especially advanced stages, soft tissue grafts and bone grafting may be needed to replace damaged gum tissue or bone.

If you are exhibiting symptoms of periodontitis, contact our Los Angeles periodontist before your symptoms worsen.




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