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Plastic Periodontal Surgery Procedures

Plastic Periodontal Surgery ProceduresPeriodontists have specialized training in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal related issues. They are also considered to be the plastic surgeons of dentistry. Patients who are seeking to improve or enhance their smiles should seek the help of our highly skilled periodontist to perform any of the following procedures:

Gummy Smile

Teeth that appear abnormally short or smiles that are too gummy may benefit from crown lengthening procedures. Excess gum tissue is intricately removed in order to expose the crown of the tooth. The gum line is then carefully sculpted into ideal position, providing patients with a renewed smile.

Exposed Roots

Gum recession may case roots of teeth to become exposed. This will cause teeth to appear extremely long and may cause patients to appear much more mature than their true age. Recession of teeth occurs for a variety of reasons including periodontal disease.

Gum graft surgery is typically performed in order to provide coverage for exposed roots. This particular surgery can also help prevent further gum recession and protect roots of teeth from further decay.

Indentations in the Gum and Jawbone

When tooth loss occurs, an indentation to gum tissue and jawbone will be present. Jawbone tends to recede when there is no longer a tooth in that particular area. This causes replacement teeth to appear extremely elongated when compared to adjacent teeth.

Ridge augmentation can help correct this defect by restoring the natural contour of the gum tissue and bone density. The replacement tooth can then be placed to help revive the patient’s smile.

Our periodontist in Los Angeles offers various plastic periodontal surgery procedures. Contac our office to schedule an appointment.




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