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Red Gums Treatment Los Angeles

Red Gums Treatment Los AngelesWhen gums are red, they are likely to be inflamed. Inflammation can be a sign of several problems, including gum disease, nutrient deficiencies and recent injury. Regardless of the cause, prompt diagnosis is important to pinpoint an effective treatment that will resolve immediate discomfort and prevent long-term complications. Here is a deeper look at the causes of red gums and how our Los Angeles red gums treatment expert may treat this condition.

Red, swollen gums related to gingivitis may be the result of poor diet, smoking, heredity or lack of dental hygiene. When nutrient deficiencies are involved, patients may lack iron or vitamin C due to lifestyle factors, imbalanced diet or both. Causes of injury may include brushing or flossing too hard, physical assault and crunchy foods. In some cases, patients may have red gums due to more than one of these causes.

Los Angeles Red Gums Treatment

Depending on the cause behind gum redness, our expert in red gums treatment in Los Angeles may offer a variety of lifestyle modifications or clinical treatments. When gingivitis is to blame for redness, our dentist may recommend scaling and root planing for early gum disease or periodontal surgery for more advanced cases. Nutrient supplements or dietary additions may be advised for patients suffering from nutrient deficiencies. Finally, avoidance of hard foods may be necessary for patients with sensitive gums that are irritated by these foods.

Because inflammation is marked by red gums, timely care from our Los Angeles red gums treatment expert is crucial to avoid more extensive problems. When gum disease is involved, early treatment can often reverse symptoms. Correction of nutrient deficiencies is vital for avoidance of numerous systemic health problems, and recognition of gum sensitivity can give certain patients peace of mind and a better understanding of how to support their own oral wellness.

In many cases, patients can avoid gum inflammation by brushing and flossing twice each day and visiting our expert in red gums treatment in Los Angeles for check-ups as often as recommended. At a consultation with our periodontist in Los Angeles, patients can learn more about red gums and the causes behind this condition.




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