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Ridge Modification

Ridge ModificationFlaws in the upper and lower jaws can leave patients with inadequate bone density for implant placement. Deformities may be caused by periodontal disease, ill-fitting dentures, developmental defects, trauma or even injury. Not only can defective jaw bones lead to complications when placing dental implants, this condition can also lead to malformed areas which causes oral hygiene maintenance to be much more difficult.

In order to correct this deformity, ridge modification is performed. Gum tissue is carefully teased away from the bony ridge in order to expose the defect. Bone grafting material will then be used to help develop the ridge to the ideal density. The specific bone grafting material used will be determined by our periodontist based on your specific needs.

Sutures will then be placed in order to facilitate healing. Bone will be given four to twelve months to properly heal and develop. Dental implants can then be successfully placed shortly thereafter. In some cases, dental implants can be placed during the ridge modification surgery.

Ridge modification surgery can greatly enhance the appearance of a smile in addition to increasing the chances of successful dental implant placement. This periodontal procedure is designed to help enhance your smile both aesthetically and functionally.

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