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Signs of Gum Disease

Signs of Gum DiseaseWhen it comes to recognizing the signs of gum disease, patients must look for indicators like:

• Bad breath
• Bleeding gums
• Sensitive teeth

Experiencing bad breath that is harder than usual to get rid of, bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity are all changes to look out for. The signs of gum disease, when addressed by our Los Angeles periodontist can be effectively examined in order to determine disease progression. Once diagnosed with gum disease, our periodontist can help prevent further damage and treat the oral inflammation effectively.

How a Periodontist Can Help Minimize Tooth Loss

Signs of gum disease do not have to mean “game over” for your smile. Periodontists are experts who can deliver the latest techniques for treating periodontal disease. Procedures like scaling and root planing in addition to dental implants help patients with gum disease to improve gum health and minimize tooth loss successfully.

Contributing Factors

Gum disease is not always a result of poor oral care. Illness, hormone changes and genetics also play a role in who is at risk for periodontal problems. Medications, smoking and even conditions like diabetes put people at a greater risk for being diagnosed with gum disease.


Treatment means disease management. Depending upon severity, outcomes are usually contingent upon how a patient maintains oral health at home. In addition to deep cleaning the gums, it will be paramount to keep up good daily care in addition to ceasing habits like smoking.

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