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Sinus Augmentation

Sinus AugmentationThe success of a dental implant placement is highly dependent upon the quality and quantity of bone at the surgical site. Traditionally, the upper dentition is the most complex area for the placement of a dental implant. Inadequate bone structure and close proximity to the sinuses all leads to the failure of the dental implant. Patients who have lost an extensive amount of bone due to periodontal disease may have compromised bone density which can lead to an unsuccessful dental implant process.

Sinus augmentation surgery may help correct this issue by elevating the sinus floor and generation of bone tissue prior to the placement of dental implants. There are various procedures used to elevate sinuses, including the common technique of incising gum tissue in order to expose the jawbone. A small window of opened bone will provide access to the sinuses. The membrane lining the sinus will then be gently elevated. Bone grafting material is carefully inserted into the site where the sinus once laid.

After bone has been properly placed, the site will be protected with sutures and healing is allowed to take place. Dental implants are typically placed in approximately four to nine months. This process allows the implants to completely fuse with bone tissue.

Sinus augmentation surgery has been known to increase patient’s chances of retaining their dental implants for years. Patients often report feeling minimal discomfort during this procedure. Dental implants placement has proven to be highly effective when combined with the sinus augmentation surgery.

Our periodontist in Los Angeles offers sinus augmentation surgery as well. Contact us for more information.




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