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Swollen Gums Treatment Los Angeles

Swollen Gums Treatment Los AngelesGums can swell for a variety of reasons, including inflammation, disease and poor oral hygiene. In many cases, swollen gums are accompanied by pain that may be dull, sharp or throbbing and either mild or severe. The wide range of problems behind swollen gums makes fast treatment from our Los Angeles swollen gums treatment expert important to locate the cause and identify solutions. Here is more about the causes and treatment of swollen gums.

A wide range of issues can result in swollen gums, including rough brushing and flossing, gingivitis, tobacco use, hormonal fluctuations and medical treatment. Deficiencies of certain nutrients, such as vitamin C and iron, can also cause gums to swell. Depending on the reason for swelling, symptoms may appear throughout the gums or only in certain areas, such as the triangular sections of gums between the teeth.

Los Angeles Swollen Gums Treatment

Swelling of the gums can indicate serious problems, and only an examination by our expert in swollen gums treatment in Los Angeles can determine whether treatment is necessary. Left untreated, swollen gums affected by gum disease may develop severe periodontitis and complications such as tooth loss. Furthermore, gum problems may indicate the presence of systemic health problems, such as heart disease or diabetes, which benefit from timely treatment.

Our Los Angeles swollen gums treatment expert may recommend a variety of treatments depending on the cause behind symptoms. For example, incorporating certain foods and supplements into the diet can improve nutritional status. Stress and exercise can affect hormone levels and can be modified to improve symptoms in some cases. Finally, our dentist may recommend strategies such as gentler oral hygiene and avoidance of irritating foods and beverages to improve symptoms. If gum disease is involved, our dentist may recommend non-surgical treatments, such as scaling and root planing, or more advanced surgical options.

Patients can help themselves avoid swollen gums by using proper dental hygiene habits, but a visit to our expert in swollen gums treatment in Los Angeles can provide crucial support for resolution of symptoms. For more information on treatments for swollen gums, patients can schedule a consultation with our periodontist in Los Angeles.




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